Mallory’s “Gotcha” Day :: An Adoption Story

There’s a story behind every wedding or portrait session, and those stories are the cornerstone of why we do what we do. From the first contact about Mallory Grace-Ann’s adoption, I knew this story was one we will never forget.

“Mallory moved in with us on October 8, 2013 just before her 2nd birthday. We had been babysitting her often so we were one of DCS’ first calls when she was removed from her home.
At the time we thought we were just helping out, we assumed her parents would work the plan to be reunited. So we went through the home studies and numerous motions to become
foster parents in an expedited case so she could stay with us. Several months into it, DCS let us know their new plan was for Mallory to be adopted. While we put a lot of thought into this
and how it could effect everyone involved, in the end we feel God had a plan and he would take care of the rest.
So here we are, less than 2 years later, June 29, first time parents of Mallory Grace-Ann officially.”

We started the day at the Blount County Courthouse. Judge Harrington gave me total freedom with photography, she actually insisted I go where ever I needed to “get the best shot”! She allowed Mallory’s entire family into her chambers for the official adoption proceedings, even allowing Mallory to sit on her desk for some pictures (see below). From the court house we hopped down to Smithview Pavilion for their first official family portraits! The day ended at Mallory’s “Gotcha Party” :)) We were honored this amazing family chose K Hannah Photography to capture this beautiful story of love and adoption.