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The wedding we will never, ever forget :: Kerry and Billy at Hunter Valley Farm

No, seriously, this was hands-down the craziest wedding day we here at K Hannah Photography have had in awhile!
The day started with heavy rain, so we had some delay… Then, when it backed off, the ceremony was moved UP so it could be outdoors, as planned.

(the bride is smiling…)

We watched the storm roll in over Hunter Valley Farm as the bride was being walked down the aisle. Her father, who may have a super power, stopped the ceremony at the start of the vows saying, “We need to move inside, NOW.” As the guests and bridal party began to make their way indoors, the sprinkles started…
The moment the last guest made their way into the dry, the torrential downpour started!

(the bride is smiling, and laughing…)

Hunter Valley Farm did an AMAZING job of accommodating the last second switch. The guest sat at reception tables, with smiling faces and looks of relief as we heard the rain beating down on the roof of the stables.
Then, as the bride and groom were exiting the ceremony, the brides dress gets stepped on! Yes, it ripped!

(the bride is STILL SMILING!!!)

So, an angel stitched the dress while the bride enjoyed a (much needed) glass of wine, and then we headed out for pictures.
It was still pouring, so Zeke held an umbrella for me while I shot the bridal party under some cover of the porch. I was so busy shooting I didn’t notice my hair slowly getting wet… After a several minutes Zeke said, “ummmm, Katie, there’s a hole in the umbrella….” Everyone froze, then busted out in laughter!! So Zeke and I were soaked, but the equipment was dry and the pictures continued.
After the reception got started the rain moved out, and we were able to pull the family and bridal party outside for the outdoor pictures the bride wanted :))

No one complained
No one was upset
Every guest had a BLAST
the bride and groom were happy at the end of the day, which was most important of all :))

Now you see why we say that this was an epic wedding (with an amazing couple) that we will never, ever forget!

















Venue: Hunter Valley Farm

Catering: Rosa’s Catering

Photography: K Hannah Photography

DJ and Lighting: Ogle Entertainment

Hair & Make-up: Bangs and Blush